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Protect corporate data from external threats by exploiting the defensive and offensive point of view of security experts.

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Offensive Services

Offensive Cybersecurity Solutions Test the IT security of your company and make it stronger

In a world full of “black hat” hackers, find a hacker that works with you!

Our Red Team will help your company with the use of ethical and moral hacking techniques, putting their abilities at your service to increase collective security and implement cyber defense. Here is specifically what it can do for your company: 



During a penetration test, our ethical hackers use various techniques and tools to simulate attacks that a potential attacker could execute. This may include analyzing possible entry points, such as software vulnerabilities, faulty configurations, weak passwords, or physical weaknesses.

The penetration tester attempts to exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the system, retrieve sensitive data, or perform unauthorized actions.

The main goal of the test is to identify weaknesses in your system’s security and provide you with recommendations to improve its resilience against attacks.



It is well known that our passwords must have a minimum length and include special characters, but it is sometimes difficult to really know how effective they are.

The password audit is a service that aims to assess the security of passwords used by employees in your company, raise awareness, and improve the protection of data and resources.



Through various persuasive methods, anti-phishing training allows you to assess the resilience of your employees. The human factor often represents the most effective attack vector, as it is easier to persuade a person to disclose their login credentials than to use hacker techniques to obtain them.

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What is the difference between Ethical Hacking and Illegal Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is conducted with the consent of the system or organization owner. Ethical hackers work to improve security and protect systems, while illegal hacking is a criminal activity that violates laws and aims to gain unauthorized access to foreign systems.

What can a team of ethical hackers do for my company?
  • Conduct periodic tests of systems and networks
  • Identify security risks
  • Verify the effectiveness of security systems
  • Evaluate the need for new cybersecurity measures to optimize the company’s investments
  • Develop tailored security solutions for the organization
  • Promote the corporate culture regarding IT security

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