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Manage your business processes more efficiently, increase productivity, and promote collaboration between departments.


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Holistically and automatically monitor and manage your entire IT environment to get everything under control in less time.

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Improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of IT services with a solution that satisfies both users and customers!


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Protect corporate data from external threats by exploiting the defensive and offensive point of view of security experts.

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ERP – Microsoft Dynamics 365

The flexible, modular, and integrable solution for managing your business

Are you looking for a modern and evolved management system to stay competitive in the digital world?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management is the ERP solution that can integrate with existing technologies and support your company’s current and future requirements.

What is it


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management is a powerful ERP designed for medium and large companies.

It provides organizations with a modern, flexible and intelligent solution, capable of quickly adapting to constantly evolving business contexts and integrating with the technologies already used in the company. It also allows you to automate and simplify all business processes: finance and control, customer relations, business services, human resources, production and supply chain.

All Dynamics 365 applications can be activated using them in Cloud or On-Premises mode


added value

At Würth Phoenix, we understand the needs of Enterprise companies and recognize that choosing an ERP system is a significant decision. Therefore, it is essential to carefully understand your goals and business alignment before making a choice.

Our team, with more than ten years of experience in international ERP projects, is very familiar with these systems and can align your requirements with the typical features of the ERP system. Moreover, collaborating with the top partners allows us to offer solutions that are perfectly tailored to your business.

Enhance the functionality of Dynamics 365 ERP

with our add-on TRADE+

Trade+ is a solution designed for multichannel trading processes. Developed on the basis of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP platform, Trade+ can meet the requirements and optimize the workflows of companies operating in industries where logistics, sales, and distribution play a key role.

This provides you with greater flexibility in sales management:

  • organisation of the sales force on levels, definition of customer hierarchies to automate pricing rules;
  • greater efficiency in purchasing (from supplier management to order proposals or organisation of deliveries);
  • optimised management of everything related to goods entry, stock and logistics: speed of warehouse movements, maximum security in deliveries, an excellent level of service.

What benefits does

it offer to your company?

  • Integration of financial data into core processes and automation of activities to increase productivity, support constantly evolving business models, and maximize financial performance.
  • Flexible and scalable ERP solution that grows with your company.
  • Centralized information management.
  • Streamlined procurement processes.
  • Ability to leverage the power of Dynamics 365 in other everyday work tools such as emails, spreadsheets, and word processing documents, creating a more productive and collaborative work environment.
  • Reduced delivery times to optimize inventory, automate warehouse operations, and boost productivity.

The main


🏈Supply Chain Management

Meet the challenges of supply chain management with powerful tools such as real-time monitoring, flexible planning and advanced detailed analysis.


Optimise financial operations, move beyond simple financial transaction control to embrace proactive operations that optimise choices, preserve revenue, reduce risk and contain costs.


Optimise human resources programmes and transform employee experiences. Allow them to autonomously retrieve the information they need through self-service HR management tools.

🏈Project Operations

Accelerate project delivery by connecting all your activities in one application. This enables you to obtain detailed business information from your data and optimise time and resources.


Empower your customers or partners to decide when, how and from where they shop, using any device, and offer them a seamless connection between online and offline channels.

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What are the main modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP consists of various modules covering different functional areas of the company. Some of the main modules include:

  • Sales Management: Enables the management of sales activities, quotes, sales forecasts, and monitoring of sales performance.
  • Purchasing Management: Simplifies the management of the procurement process, including orders, suppliers, goods receipt, and invoicing.
  • Warehouse Management: Assists in managing inventory, monitoring stock levels, reordering, and optimizing inventory levels.
  • Financial Accounting: Facilitates the management of financial activities, including general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payment management.
  • Human Resource Management: Allows the management of human resources, including employee management, attendance monitoring, payroll, and resource planning.
What implementation options are available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP offers various implementation options to meet the requirements of different companies. The main options are:

  • On-Premises Implementation: in this case, the company installs and manages the ERP software on its own servers and IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud Implementation: The company can opt for cloud implementation by using Microsoft’s cloud computing services known as Microsoft Azure. This option provides the flexibility of access from anywhere and scalability of resources.
  • Hybrid Model: It is also possible to choose a hybrid model where some parts of the ERP are implemented on-premises, while others are in the cloud. This allows the benefits of cloud functionality to be utilized for specific aspects of the business, while keeping other data or processes local.

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