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Manage your business processes more efficiently, increase productivity, and promote collaboration between departments.


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Holistically and automatically monitor and manage your entire IT environment to get everything under control in less time.

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Improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of IT services with a solution that satisfies both users and customers!


Cyber Security

Protect corporate data from external threats by exploiting the defensive and offensive point of view of security experts.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Convert your company data into strategic information.

Are you looking for a solution to improve your business performance by using your data?

By using new methods such as Business Analytics, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, all insights can be identified to enrich your corporate data and enhance production while reducing costs through intelligent processes.

What is it


BI enables the creation of a comprehensive view of organizational data to initiate changes, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to continuous market changes.

Our service offering allows you to build a platform that analyzes, visualizes, and compares data uniformly and easily to optimize and control business processes.

Our consulting, configuration, training, and support services enable the creation of custom reports and dashboards derived from local or cloud-based data and accessible from any type of device.



Trade+ BI is the solution designed by our team of experts that enables the creation of customised reports and statistics suitable for wholesale trade. Based on Microsoft’s BI platform (SQL Server Analysis Services), it offers information for all company roles and divisions: from sales to logistics, from purchasing to finance.

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence platform that offers numerous benefits. They include ease of use, connectivity with a wide range of data sources, rapid creation of interactive visualisations, the ability to share reports securely, integration with other Microsoft applications, scalability and the ability to analyse data in real time.

What are

the benefits?

  • Informed decisions: It provides accurate, up-to-date, and relevant data to support business decisions.
  • Trend detection: It allows the identification of trends, patterns, and correlations in the data to provide insights into market preferences and emerging opportunities.
  • Performance monitoring: It offers real-time KPIs and reports to monitor and evaluate business performance, facilitating process control, optimization, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Better customer service: It provides detailed insights into customers, enabling personalized experiences, predicting needs, and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Compliance with regulations: It supports legal compliance and risk management, enabling better transparency and traceability of corporate data.

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What components does a Business Intelligence solution include?

A Business Intelligence solution includes components such as data extraction and integration from various sources, the creation of a data warehouse or data marts, data processing and analysis, the generation of interactive reports and dashboards, as well as data visualization tools.

What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Analytics?

Business Intelligence focuses on data representation and providing the information basis for informed decisions, while Analytics goes beyond that, employing advanced data processing to create forecasts, recognize patterns, and offer data-driven recommendations for the future. Both approaches are complementary and can be used together to gain comprehensive and profound insights into corporate data.

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