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Manage your business processes more efficiently, increase productivity, and promote collaboration between departments.


IT Systems Management

Holistically and automatically monitor and manage your entire IT environment to get everything under control in less time.

Project Management Solution &

Service Management

Improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of IT services with a solution that satisfies both users and customers!


Cyber Security

Protect corporate data from external threats by exploiting the defensive and offensive point of view of security experts.

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Discover the courses dedicated to deepening the various modules of Neteye, on IT security, to train new IT administrators and those dedicated to the Dynamics 365 platform

/ Business Application / CRM – After Sales & Field Service Management

CRM – After Sales & Field Service Management

Provide your customers with fast and proactive customer service and optimize field service operations.

Are you looking for a solution to make your after-sales service more efficient?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 evolves your business by integrating digital intelligence into every operation, enhancing customer service, and optimizing workforce organization.

What is it


It’s a CRM solution that offers faster and personalized customer service along with efficient and proactive on-site technical support.
It provides your company with all the necessary tools to achieve customer retention through timely responses and a unified experience that connects customer service, on-site support, and technicians.
With notifications and reports, you can identify and resolve issues even before customers become aware of them.

How to choose

the right CRM system?

When choosing a CRM system, it is important to carefully consider your starting point and goals.
This way, you can avoid future high costs by choosing the CRM solution that best suits your company, considering growth and development as well.
At Würth Phoenix, we are very familiar with the Dynamics 365 Suite. We have highly qualified consultants, and most importantly, we are the first users of the solutions we offer.


  • Process customer inquiries faster and more effectively with digital intelligence.
  • Create self-service portals and specific communities where customers can find answers on their own.
  • Manage standard processes with the help of chatbots.
  • Capture and evaluate customer satisfaction within the system.
  • Inventory management.
  • Link service orders with all existing CRM information.
  • Coordinate service calls and optimize route planning for field service resources.
  • Possibility to add Hololens technology as an add-on: a holographic device that facilitates and improves remote support

What are

the benefits?

  • Improve customer loyalty and strengthen the quality of relationships
  • Optimize operation planning time
  • Resolve issues faster and offer differentiated levels of support
  • Predict customer, business and market needs by integrating intelligence and, as a result, reduce costs that would require more extensive maintenance measures
  • Provide your employees with complete information on every service order

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Is it possible to integrate After Sales CRM and Field Service Management with other enterprise systems or applications?
Yes, it is possible. Dynamics 365 offers various integration possibilities:
CRM Customer Service can be integrated with other Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams. It can be integrated with the ERP system to enable data exchange between the two systems. It can be integrated with phone systems, ticketing, and helpdesk systems.
Finally, it can be integrated with other third-party custom applications and applications offered by Dynamics 365.
What tools does After-Sales CRM and Field Service Management offer to assess customer satisfaction?
It offers various tools such as:
  • Customer satisfaction surveys: Allow customers to express their opinions on the service received by providing specific ratings and feedback
  • Measuring of response times: to assess how quickly your team provides support and responds to customer needs
  • Monitoring performance metrics such as First Contact Resolution Rate, average ticket processing time, and overall satisfaction ratings
  • Analysis of support ticket data: useful for identifying trends, recurring issues, or areas for improvement to provide more effective customer service
  • Management of customer comments and feedback: capture customer needs and expectations and make changes or improvements accordingly

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