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Discover the courses dedicated to deepening the various modules of Neteye, on IT security, to train new IT administrators and those dedicated to the Dynamics 365 platform

13/11/2023 - 16/11/2023


NetEye Fundamental (WPN4-FUN) – Online Training

Training modules aimed at NetEye users who wish to learn the basic concepts of operating and managing the solution. The class aims to enable participants to: handle the main features of the NetEye project; recognise the basic concepts; recognise the suitable NetEye monitoring configuration design for their organisation.

Prerequisites and preliminary preparation for the course

  • Basic knowledge of network infrastructure and monitoring

Please refer to the following FREE online material:

The course is aimed at:

  • future NetEye users on a daily or frequent basis
  • future “Basic” NetEye users
  • IT administrators, who use NetEye 4 or are planning to implement it

Participants are required to have their own laptop with a preinstalled web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and RDP client. We provide each participant with their own NetEye environment.

Date, place and costs

13 to 16 November 2023 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m

Remote Training: Online course that can be accessed by connecting remotely.

Examination date: 1 December 2023

Course participation: € 1,226 (excl. VAT)

Certification: € 120 (excl. VAT)

Certification, teacher and language of the course

NetEye Engineer Release 4.x Certified

Teacher: Giuseppe Di Garbo, NetEye Consultant at Würth Phoenix

The course will be held in Italian language while the training and certification exam material is always in English language.

Course contents

NetEye modules overview

Overview of all NetEye available modules and extensions based on NetEye Online Demo Monitoring

Aims to introduce the “basics” of monitoring with NetEye and to help answering questions about:

  • Monitoring overview
  • Hosts, services, host groups and service groups view
  • Downtime, comments, contacts and notifications
  • History: event grid, event overview and TimeLine
  • Problems
  • Dashboard and dashlet
  • Dashboard customization
  • Navigation items

Configuration (part 1)

  • Director Module: what is it? what is it used for?
  • General concepts: templates and hierarchy
  • Host templated, host object and host group
  • Service template, service object and service group
  • Service set
  • Apply rule per service and service set
  • Apply rule per host group and service group
  • Apply and deploy configuration

Configuration (part 2)

  • Introduction to commands and fields
  • Dependencies and relationships Parent-Child

NetEye Extension Pack

  • What is NetEye Extension Pack (NEP)?
  • Getting started with NEP
  • Updates NEP
  • Collaborate with NEP project

Monitoring with agent

  • What is an agent?
  • Monitoring through agents
  • Agent installation through Agent Wizard on Windows
  • Directory Self Service API
  • Würth Phoenix agent deployment scripts overview

Agent based command execution

  • What is the Command Orchestration (CMDO) module?
  • How to configure a pre-authorized command executor against infrastructure?

Passive Event Monitoring

  • What is a passive event?
  • What is the Tornado module?
  • SNMP Trap handling basic monitoring rule

Notification Process

  • What is the escalation process? How does it work?
  • Escalation process ad involved elements
  • User and user template objects
  • Notification template objects
  • Apply rule per notification objects
  • NEP notifications’ templates

Business Process Monitoring

  • What is a business process?
  • Implement a business process
  • How to monitor a business process


  • What is the IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) module?
  • How to access to the ITOA module
  • Dashboard creation examples

User authentication and profiling

  • Authentication through Active Directory
  • What is Icingaweb2 role?
  • How to profile a user?
  • Multitenancy introduction


  • Icinga Cube
  • Reporting Module


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