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Discover the courses dedicated to deepening the various modules of Neteye, on IT security, to train new IT administrators and those dedicated to the Dynamics 365 platform

09/10/2023 - 12/10/2023


Jira Administrator (WPA-JAD) – Online Training

Training modules for Jira administrators to learn basic concepts on how to configure and administer Jira software. The class aims to make participants able to: manage the Jira administration menu (e.g. global permissions, create new instances, manage add-ons, user management); understand when an add-on is needed to cover certain CUs; manage shared project schemas (e.g. problem type schema, workflow schema, notification schema); understand what the appropriate Jira project template (from JSM, JSW, JWM) can be used for different teams or CUs

Prerequisites and preliminary preparation for the course

The class is aimed at future Jira administrators or IT administrators, who are using Jira or plan to implement it.

The prerequisites are the following: no or brief experience in administering Jira and an average level of knowledge/experience on how to configure and administer software (no coding experience required).

Participants must have a laptop computer with a pre-installed web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and an Atlassian cloud account (you can create one during the course).

Date, place and costs

9 to 12 October 2023 from 9 a.m. to p.m.

Remote Training: Online course that can be accessed by connecting remotely.

Course participation: € 1,226 (excl. VAT)

Certification, teacher and language of the course

Teacher: Fabrizio Dovesi, Atlassian Consultant presso Würth Phoenix

The course will be held in Italian language while the training material is always in English language.

Course contents

Discover Jira and other Atlassian Cloud products

  • Introduction to the Atlassian ecosystem
  • Helpful online resources (Atlassian Support, Community, University)
  • Jira and differences across Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Jira Work Management
  • Atlassian account and user login
  • Jira main navigation bar and administration menu
  • Personal profile settings

Manage Users, Groups, Global Permissions, and Roles in Jira Cloud

  • Create, edit, and delete users
  • Assign users to groups, project roles, and applications
  • Create and update groups
  • Deactivate or delete managed accounts
  • Manage global permissions
  • Manage project roles
  • Atlassian Access to manage users and groups, 2FA, SSO

Configure and Manage Projects

  • Create and edit a Company-managed project
  • Trash, Delete, Archive for Jira Cloud projects
  • Configure Project Details, Project leader and Project administrators

Configure Issue Types, Screens and Fields

  • Configure issue types
  • Configure issue screens
  • Configure issue custom fields
  • Configure custom field context

Configure Permission and Notification Scheme

  • Configure Permissions
  • Manage Permission scheme
  • Configure issue workflow schemes
  • Add and delete an issue workflow

Manage Workflows

  • Manage issue workflows
  • Configure advanced issue workflows
  • Configure issue workflow schemes
  • Add and delete an issue workflow


  • Automation library
  • Create automation
  • Import Export
  • Audit log and notification on Automation

System Administration

  • Manage global settings
  • Customize the layout and design of Jira applications
  • Configure email in Jira applications
  • Use the Jira Admin Helpers
  • Back-up Jira

Integrate Jira with other products and apps

  • Manage and install add-ons
  • Manage other products (e.g. Confluence)
  • Manage Application links


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